Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's time to Query...

Who knew querying an agent would be so difficult?  I am so passionate about my work, like every other writer and want to impress an agent so much so that he/she wants to work with me.  How do I do this in one page?

First of all, research.  I have spent many hours researching agents from different agencies.  I have checked their bio's and then cross-referenced them with social media such as blogs and Twitter.  I'm looking for anything that stands out and makes me think they might be interested in my work.

It might be a book that we both loved reading as a child or a project that they have worked on that is of similar genre to mine.  It might also be positive words or quotes that resonated with me.  After all, I'm looking for an agent to help develop a career with.  I want to work with this person on many projects to come.  I want them to travel on this incredible journey with me.  

Fingers crossed that I find the perfect match!

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