Monday, February 9, 2015

Pete vs. Nolan: Battle of My Inner Voices Picture Book

Note from the Author:
Before you begin reading, let me help you to find your inner voice.  Your inner voice or your voice of reason helps you to make the right choices.  It talks you through each and every moment in your life.  Sometimes, this voice can speak to you negatively making you feel unhappy.  Other times, this voice can speak to you very positively making you feel happy and excited.  
To find it, read each sentence below without actually opening your mouth.
I am awesome.
I am unique and strong.
I promise to always listen to my positive voice.
Did you hear it?  It's the voice inside your head that only you can hear.

I hope after reading this story, you remember the importance of your positive voice.  You are what you think.  And what you think, you become.  Enjoy.
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